Satellite TV

We have a dedicated satellite tv website for the Costa del Sol, check it out:

We provide satellite TV installations, realignments, repairs, maintenance, satellite dish relocation, alignment, Spanish TDT terrestrial television,and international satellite TV, French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Italian and Russian satellite television.

Reception of all major UKTV channels (BBC, ITV, Channel four, Five, etc) is not usually a problem with a good LNB and 1.3m dish right along the southern coast of Spain, however to be extra sure, many people choose the option of a 1.4m dish, which guarentees signal even when atomospheric conditions are not optimal. For people who just want free channels, we recommend a Freesat Humax HD box, and for people who are interested in a Sky subscription, Sky+ or a Sky digibox.

Services available:

  • Sky & Freesat
  • Satellite Installation Complete with Dish
  • Dish Realignment
  • DVD & Blu-ray Installation
  • Spanish TV & Aerial Installation
  • Canal Plus / Digital Plus
  • Emergency Call-out
  • Competitive Prices
  • All Work Guaranteed

Sky Reboot Information
Sometimes after a power cut or a prolonged period of the box being unplugged, you may need to change the box to a default frequency that is recieved easier on the Costa Del Sol, otherwise you will keep getting “there is no satellite signal  being received”. Please follow these steps:

1) Press Services on the remote

2) Now press 4, then 0, then 1, and press select, this brings up a hidden installer menu.

3) Press 2, Default transponder. Change the frequency to 12.051 and scroll to the bottem and save new settings.

4) Now select option 5 on the Installer setup menu.

5) Scroll to the bottom and select “Find new channels”

6) The next screen should bring up two signal bars. Both should have roughly 90%.

7) Leave on this screen for two minutes, then press the SKY button on the remote, You should now be on channel 999.

Select channel  101 (BBC1) and it should now be working. If not, then repeat these steps.


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